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Elbow Park Tennis Club is nestled in the great community of Elbow Park. We are home to the best clay courts in Calgary.

Operated by The Glencoe Club and owned by the Elbow Park Community, EPTC strives on providing the best experience possible.

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Elbow Park Interclub 2017
EPTC Interclub is looking for more players for the 2017 season! If you are interested in playing Interclub please email Hugh Geiger, EPTC Interclub Rep, at hughgeiger@yahoo.ca before Monday May 8th.

Calgary Interclub is a competitive ‘team tennis’ league that runs from May 30th to Aug 31st, with playoffs in September. There are 3 levels of play – 3.0 (Tuesdays), 4.0 (Wednesdays) and 4.5 (Thursdays) – with play levels following the NTRP-USTA rating system. Matches are played in the evenings 12 out of 14 weeks through the summer, starting at ~6:00 PM (~5:30 PM in August). Each match consists of 8 standard sets of tennis – 2 men’s singles, 2 women’s singles, 1 men’s doubles, 1 women’s doubles, and 2 mixed doubles. A match is won by winning the most sets (independent of score) or, if tied 4-4 in sets, by total games won. Teams typically consist of 6-8 core male players and 6-8 core female players plus substitutes. A core player will typically play 4-6 match evenings over the course of the summer.

EPTC has been very active in Interclub for many years. Since 2010, EPTC 4.0 teams have won twice (2011 and 2012) and made the playoffs every year except 2013. At the 3.0 level, the team won in 2015 and made the playoffs in 2011 and 2013. This year, we are planning to field 3 Interclub teams: one 3.0 team and two 4.0 teams.

Interclub tennis is a great social event, and introduces you to some of the keenest tennis players at the club, over a range of levels. Many of the teams informally get together on Saturday mornings throughout the summer for training and inter-team play. Please email Hugh Geiger if you are interested: hughgeiger@yahoo.ca.

Restring Service

Leave racquets with EPTC attendant for restringing.
$25 - $35 +tax (Depending on string type)

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9am - Sundown 7 days a week

Beginning October 1, 2016 9:00am - 5:00pm

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